s Price List

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Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

We have many items (sweet and savory) besides pie. To see what is cooking today, stop by and take a look.  The following pie list is just a little sneak peek of what we have to offer.

All Slices are $3.25 + tax


* = Indicates a photo on the Pictures page

Buttermilk $10
Coconut Custard* $11
Lemon Chess* $11
Fudge $11
Fudge Pecan $13
Pecan* $15
Chocolate Chip Pecan $15
Toll House $15
Key Lime* $13
Peanut Butter $13
Apple $15
Dutch Apple* $14
Cherry* $17
Dutch Cherry $16
Peach $15
Peach Crumb $15
Blackberry $15
Blueberry $16
Rhubarb Strawberry $17

Seasonal Pies
Available October - December only
Pumpkin $11
Pumpkin Pecan $12